The Hammersmith Isles

The Hammersmith Isles


Proposal for the Hammersmith Highline Architecture Competition 2019.

A collaboration with Ashleigh Watkins.

The competition board can be downloaded here:

178 The Hammersmith Isles

The Hammersmith Isles are a productive urban landscape, revealing the processes required to get good food from farm to family in a city environment.The project re-imagines the disused railway infrastructure as a sequence of three ‘islands’:

– Education Islet: An educational centre and performance space, designed to explore locally sustainable solutions.

– Farm Eyot: An urban farm where visitors can walk among fish and foliage, before enjoying the taste of food prepared onsite.

– Orchard Isle: An organic orchard for Londoners to escape the chaos of the city amidst mindful bliss.

Together, The Hammersmith Isles form a local ecosystem, pointing the way to a sustainable future London.


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